Job Introduction Department

What is job introduction business?

We support job change applicants (job seekers) in the series of job change activities, including provision of hiring information, arrangement of interview date and time, summarization of hiring conditions, arrangement of date of entering company, etc.

A full-time career consultant gives advice to job change applicants. He/she provides detailed hiring information based on applicant's aptitude and desire, teaches how to write the work history, gives advice about interview, and negotiates the annual salary when receiving an unofficial offer.

The benefits for job change applicants is that they can receive objective advice about their career and aptitude so that they can conduct job change activities efficiently.

We sometimes handles private hiring which are not published in job information magazines and job change websites. Accordingly, the applicant may get higher satisfaction than when carrying out job change activities by him/herself.

Please consult with us. We will make efforts so that job change applicants are highly satisfied with job change.

Advantages of our introduction business

Own network

We provides many opportunities for persons aiming to improve careers to meet with well-selected job offering companies.

Core human resources

By specializing in middle- to executive-class personnel and professional personnel, we have many successful cases.

Endless pursuit of possibility

Through research by career consultants with many successful track records. We continue to pursue possibilities of both hiring companies and human resources.