Dispatch Department

We are carrying out dispatch business to realize company's ideas.

Particularly with regard to manufacturing industry, we have human resources with adequate skills and education, by taking advantage of the network with our affiliates.

What is dispatch service?

We dispatch optimal human resources according to your needs, regardless of industry, industry sector, profession, and work contents.

We carry out thorough in-house education so that the attitude of compliance with laws/regulations, internal rules, manual, corporate ethics, social contribution, etc. are always maintained, and respond to various job offerers and job seekers.

The contract period can range from short to long. First, our person in charge grasps the details of your case and promptly matches optimal human resources.

After dispatching started, we perform periodical follow-ups to promote good relationship between companies and people (B to B, B to C).

We can also propose improvement of employee's career or public employment subsidy suited to your company.

Flow to using our dispatch service

Foreign worker dispatch business

Our foreign worker dispatch business is dedicated to dispatch and introduction of foreign workers, and able to meet every need.

Foreign worker dispatch

When considering to hire foreign workers, we believe, many companies worry about culture differences, level of language skills, communication skills, etc.

We dispatch and introduce human resources to those companies based on detailed understanding of their requests.


Foreign worker introduction

Taking advantage of the network with our affiliates, we introduce human resources that meet your company's needs.

Introduction of new graduates and graduates within 3 years

We perform employment work for new and previous graduate foreign students living in Japan.

We support required procedures, such as visa switching, and introduce excellent foreign workers as desired.


Expert dispatch business

Expert dispatch

Many people who have cultivated skills and know-how hope to inherit them to the younger generations.

Experts have such "motivation for work", "experience", "knowledge", and "skilled techniques".

They hope to participate actively in society, to be helpful for society, and to grow more. Meanwhile, the society has a tendency to seek skilled and knowledgeable persons.

Would you like to participate in our company to inherit your rich knowledge, excellent skills, and sound body to the next generations and make a significant contribution?

Expert introduction

We can respond to requests for job types requiring advanced skills, such as public license holders, professional engineers, etc.

We introduce human resources in various job types, from clerical general work to specialist work requiring qualification.

Return worker dispatch business

Return-to-work applicant support dispatch

For return-to-work applicants who want to work for only a limited time or gradually get used to work

Some persons may feel that it is difficult to return to work due to changes of the times.

We propose works suitable for each person who wants to return to work, for example, works that allow you to start with short-term or short-time work, or works that persons with less experience of professional practice can start.

Return-to-work applicant introduction

Parenting, nursing, etc. ... many persons leave work for a while due to such inevitable reasons. We support those persons to return to work.

General worker dispatch business

We also dispatch and introduce general workers.