Company connecting people
and companies worldwide

From "human resources"
to "human assets"

In company management, there are always worries about

human resources even when the sales is in perfect condition.

We have established this company, hoping to realize your

 ideas and efforts.

"We need human resources just for a certain period", "We need industry-ready human resources",

"We need large human resources at a time", "We will appoint them as permanent workers in the future", etc.

We will resolve various challenges in close cooperation with you.

For future business management, it is an important subject if you understand

what benefits the "dispatch" system brings to both of us and

what challenges we face in the system.

Let's solve those challenges with us, nexdoor.


Foreign worker dispatch

Our foreign worker dispatch business is dedicated to dispatch and introduction of foreign workers, and able to meet every need.

Foreign worker introduction

Taking advantage of the network with our affiliates, we introduce human resources that meet your company's needs.

Expert dispatch

Would you like to participate in our company to inherit your rich knowledge, excellent skills, and sound body to the next generations and make a significant contribution?

Expert introduction

We can respond to requests for job types requiring advanced skills, such as public license holders, professional engineers, etc.

Return-to-work applicant support dispatch

Works that persons with less experience of professional practice can start.

Return-to-work applicant introduction

Parenting, nursing, etc. ... many persons leave work for a while due to such inevitable reasons. We support those persons to return to work.